International Street Food

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Listen for Chris on the Zocalo LA program “Remember the Taco Truck” this Sunday night on KPCC.

This summer projects to be quite a busy one.  Travel, waking up at noon, and procrastinating on getting a gym membership take up a lot of time (The taco truck crusade has taken a toll on my waistline).  On a recent trip to Thailand, however, I had some fun avoiding Rama’s Revenge while enjoying ridiculously cheap eats.  When two friends bicycling through Italy sent me a photo of an Italian Taco Truck (that looks to have been selling ham) I got the idea to encourage submissions of street vendors any of you might encounter while out of LA.  Email you photos and a description to contact@yorkblvd.comand we’ll post whatever strikes our fancy.  (Extra credit if you’re wearing your ‘Carne Asada is not a Crime’ Tshirt.)  Let’s help spread a little of the cultural vibrancy that is street food, and maybe give budding entrepreneurs a few fresh ideas.  Now as promised:

Bangkok Thailand:

Adjacent to the Patpong Night Market, I wait in line behind a Bangkok Bar Girl for a quick meal.

Noodles, Pork, and Shrimp Balls for about a buck.

Villagio Artegiano, Italy (Outside Parma):

No description was submitted but he looks to be selling ham, bread, cheese, and beer.