Round Two

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Apparently closing emergency rooms, disastrous public transportation, and overcrowded jails are on the backburner while the county refuses to give up on an unpopular and illegal piece of legislation.  The supervisors’ poorly written law was thrown out of court recently not only because it violated state law, but also for being “ambiguous” and a “naked restraint of free trade”, in the words of judge Dennis Aichroth.  Nevertheless, our elected representatives are going to appeal Judge Aichroth’s ruling in a hearing set for September 19th.  Supervisor Molina recently released a reaction to the judges ruling saying in part, “the residents I represent have continually made clear to me [that] catering truck regulation remains a top priority”, and she promises to “continue to fight for them”.

The domain has yet to be purchased, and comments on our site are running about 500 to 1 in favor of the trucks.  Thus, I am left to assume that the supervisors are covering their eyes and plugging their ears in the hopes that this storm will pass.  They are depending on our apathy to let them run unchecked over one of the most unique aspects of LA culture.  Stay involved!  We are garnering national media attention and it is imperative to keep the pressure on.  Insist that our elected representatives advocate for all of our interests, rather than those of the politically well connected few.

Not sure which district you’re in? Find out here.

District 1
Gloria Molina
(213) 974-4111
District 2
Yvone Burke
(213) 974-2222
District 3
Zev Yaroslavsky
(213) 974-3333
District 4
Don Knabe
District 5
Micahel D. Antonovich
(213) 974-5555