English and Korean Taco Trucks

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All is quiet on the eastern front as the Asociacion de Loncheros La Familia Unida de C.A. continues to negotiate with county representatives.  We’ll keep you informed if anything transpires.  Onto some lighter news, we finally visited Kogi, the truck that has had every foodie with an iPhone salivating for the past five months.  We reviewed it on our sister site (with a mixed opinion), but what we are adamant about is what the truck represents to the larger community of loncheros:

“Kogi parks on city streets, and while they move locations pretty frequently, (you have to follow their locations via their website) the proposed laws the Board of Supervisors was pushing last year would have made this type of entry-level capitalism very risky for chef Roy Choi.  Instead, our city has another unique culinary institution that is quickly maturing beyond paper plates and tin foil.”

Keep up the good work Kogi, and we’ll visit again when the lines get a little shorter.

It looks like our cousins across the pond are even getting on the taco bandwagon.  LA Taco linked to this tantalizing picture of an English taco truck that looks like a dwarfed version of London’s classic double-decker busses.  During my visits, the only food I found agreeable was from the city’s immigrant communities.  In Oxford, the truck serving schwarma, hummus, and french fries was a nightly staple.  Cheers!