Good News Everyone!

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The petition is working and your thousands of signatures are getting some serious attention. We’re receiving support from all over Los Angeles and all across the world. Letters have come in from Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, even Canada and New Zealand.

We’re also receiving numerous press inquiries, including major print, online and television outlets.

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But we need to keep going, especially in the areas most affected. If you live in East L.A. or other unincorporated areas, signing the petition just isn’t enough.

Please, take flyers out to your local Trucks and help spread the word to those who may not be online regularly.

Lets shoot for 5,000 signatures by May 1st. – SIGN HERE

We are being heard, and we are making a difference. Keep it up!


Take Action!

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Looking around the interwebs, it’s clear that the vast majority of people who are aware of this new law are outraged! Unfortunately, not nearly enough people are aware yet. Help us spread the word!

1) Print out a poster. Clicking on the above picture will bring up a full-size, 8.5×11 graphic suitable for printing and posting. Hand them out to your local trucks. Put them on every lamppost, construction wall and phone booth possible (where legal). Plaster the city!

2) Write to Gloria Molina and the rest of the Supervisors. Below is a sample letter that you can use, add to or change any way you see fit. Fire it off to

Dear Supervisor Molina,

I am writing to express serious concern regarding the actions you have taken against the taco trucks in our neighborhoods. As a member of the Eastside community, I greatly value our local street vendors–for their food, service, and especially culture.
Taco trucks fill many voids left by traditional restaurants, whether it is more authentic, better food, better hours, or cheaper prices. Furthermore, taco trucks create a sense of community on the streets that enclosed, “brick-and-mortar” stores cannot.
Taco trucks are a special and unique facet of East Los Angeles, and something that I cherish about my neighborhood.

I urge you to withdraw your proposal, and instead focus on the more pressing and detrimental issues that are facing our community.

3) Read up. There are a lot of great blogs about L.A. that are taking note and also helping drive the petition. Check them out on our Links page. (And THANKS bloggers!)

4) Facebook it. Join the Facebook group created by one of our supporters. (Thanks Zane!)

5) Eat Tacos! Keep supporting our Taco Trucks every chance you get. Together we’ll be saving the world, one taco at a time!

6) And of course, SIGN THE PETITION!


Sign the Petition

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Led by District 1 County Supervisor Gloria Molina, the L.A. Board of Supervisors has passed new restrictions that will effectively eliminate taco trucks from our streets. Under Supervisor Molina’s new rules, taco trucks will have to change location every hour, or face a misdemeanor charge carrying a $1000 fine and/or jail. Yes, jail.

Taco Trucks are a special facet of Los Angeles, and something we don’t want to lose. Though this ordinance currently affects just unincorporated parts of L.A., that’s 65% of the County. And of course it opens up the doors for legislation closer to home too.

Let’s send Gloria Molina and the L.A. Board of Supervisors a message that we cherish our local vendors and don’t want to see them move away. This new law needs to be repealed!

Click here to sign the petition!


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